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What is the resale value of my 1 ct Leo Diamond engagement ring?

Hi Fred,
What can I expect for a resale price for my engagement ring? I have the IGI Cert of Authenticity. Here are the specs:

Shape/cut- square mod brill cut
Measurement- 5.36×5.27×4.15 MM
Weight- 1.02 ct (S)
Color- Near colorless (I)
Clarity- SI(2)
Polish/symmetry- v.good/v.good
Treatment- none
White light- very high
color light- very high
scintillation- very high

I would sincerely appreciate your help as I need to sell my wedding rings as soon as possible.

Thank you,
Sarah Boardman

Hi Sarah,

Typical resale value of commercial diamonds (like the one described) is about 19.7% of the originally purchase price. Because labs could soft-grade their diamonds, you could be looking from anywhere from $500-$1500 for this diamond depending on its actual quality. On average, you’re looking at around a two grade bump on clarity and color. Have a great day!

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