2022 Houston Astros World Series Champs

The Story of The Leveled Up Championship Ring

Every baseball story begins with wonder, when a child falls in love with a game...

The Most Valuable Championship Ring Ever Made™

The Story of The Leveled Up Championship Ring™

It is a rare star who can turn childhood wonder into achieving the nearly impossible goal of being a World Series Champion. In honor of leveling up to dreams that seem out of this world, The Leveled Up Championship Ring™ was designed to be the greatest championship ring ever created.

Infused with the extraordinary 60 year legacy of the Astros, inspired by the mesmerizing achievements of Space City, and inlaid with hidden meanings the players will treasure, The Leveled Up Championship Ring™ mirrors the excellence of the 2022 World Series Champions: our beloved Houston Astros.

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The 2022 Houston Sports Awards

Alex Bregman, Captain of the Astros, introduces the Leveled Up Championship Ring

The Meaning Behind The Design

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Leveled Up

The Star Coach

The five pointed star in the logo is a nod to Houston Sports Awards (HSA) Coach of the Year Dusty Baker's emphasis on the 5 fundamentals of baseball: hitting, catching, throwing, fielding, and base running.

44 Quadrillions

The circle of 44 quadrillion diamonds (each with 4 corners invoking the bases of a baseball diamond) wrapped around the ring's crown are a nod to #44, HSA Athlete of the Year Yordan Alvarez.

A Dynasty Builder

Platinum is 30x more rare than gold and only 5 championship rings have ever been crafted in platinum, which represents HSA Executive of the Year Jim Crane. More plentiful on the moon than on earth, precious platinum holds the entire ring -- and team -- together.

World Championship

Each side panel of the ring features a rare orange diamond -- one in the Space City logo and one representing Houston, Texas. Spotlighting the two wins in 2017 and 2022, these orange diamonds also nod to #2, the captain of the team and host of the HSA, Alex Bregman.

The Trophy Diamond

Inside the World Series trophy is a special .27 ct round diamond to represent the HSA Sportsmanship Award given to #27 José Altuve, whose contributions to humanity outpace even his legendary skills on the field, reminding us all to reach higher and give back more.

Trailblazing Features

Lead Designer Fred Cuellar, CEO of Diamond Cutters International, is the Most Celebrated Jeweler in the Guinness Book of World Records.

This ring includes the most investment grade diamonds and fancy colored diamonds ever used on a single championship ring.

Engraved with 4-2 – the 2022 World Series final record in their victory over the Phillies.

First championship ring designed with creative input from Opie Otterstad, official Major League Baseball painter and legendary sports artist.

All white diamonds are natural, untreated, VVS D-F.

The phrase "Leveled Up" – a continuation of the team's 2022 "Level Up" slogan – was included in the design at the request of the Astros players.