Vol 7.5 "Getting High on Oil" May 14, 2008

Getting High on Oil

It’s Tuesday, May 13, 2008; a little after one in the afternoon. Yesterday, I
experienced something for the first time in my life. I drove by a gas station
that had gas selling for $4.05 per gallon. I had certainly heard of four-
dollar gas but this was my first encounter with it. I can’t put into words
exactly how I felt. I didn’t feel good of course, but then I didn’t feel
bad. I guess the more I thought about it, I felt responsible– to blame.
Every time the oil dealers kept raising the price in the past, I didn’t take
it seriously. I kept convincing myself I didn’t have a problem. It wasn’t
like I was an oil junkie. For example, I purposely chose a home close to work
so I wouldn’t have a long commute and I rarely go out on joy rides or cross-
country adventures. I believed my gasoline habit was under control; I could
quit anytime I wanted. Now, at $4.05 and with half a tank of gas left in my
luxury sedan, was I willing to let go cold turkey?! Could I tell those oil
pushers that I, Fred Cuellar, wasn’t a user any more?! that they could go push
their product somewhere else?! Hell, last time I checked, this was America,
and I have a choice in the home of the brave and the land of the free… but
do I? While I’ve never been to G.A. (Gasoholics Anonymous), I think I do have
a problem. I don’t know how to say no. I don’t know how to walk away from
Lexie (a lot of men have names for their car, I’m not weird). Lexie has been
good to me. If I don’t drive her, she’ll start to fall apart, feel
neglected. Whoa, bad, it just hit me, it’s not me, its my car that has the
problem; its my car that’s hooked, not me. But I have to take responsibility
for my part, I’m an enabler! It’s not like Lexie went looking to get pumped.
I was the one who always took her to the station. I drove her to her
addiction, my addiction, our addiction’

After sleeping on it, I’ve decided there is only one thing for us to do, we
have to cut back, way back. In fact, its dawned on me that I might have to
say goodbye to Lexie because I don’t think she’s got what it takes to change,
but I do. I have to walk away now or nothing is ever going turn around. I
need to hang around a better crowd of automobiles; ones that aren’t so
dependent on oil, ones that don’t need a fix every time we want to go for a
ride and have a little fun. Hybrids are cool, but they are too dependent for
my needs.

Maybe I’m a dreamer and a world not hooked on oil is just a dream, but, if
enough of us have the same dream then maybe, one day, our dreams will have a
wonderful outcome.

Talk to you next time,


P.S. In 2010, Volkswagen unleashes the VW1L, a set of wheels that gets 235
mpg! OPEC, enjoy your $4.00 gas while you can because your 15 minutes is
coming to a close.

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