Vol 6.7 "It's not too late" July 2, 2007

It’s 1:04 p.m. July 2, 2007. I know my social security number (I’m not looking for applause); home
phone number; cell phone number (although I have to think about it sometimes since I don’t call myself
very often); one of my wife’s cell phone numbers; my parents home phone number and even my dad’s
cell phone number but not my mom’s (she’s usually at home). I know the combination to three
safes and about half a dozen sign-in names and passwords to get me on-line banking, consumer reports
and other secure sites that want me to prove I am me. I have to give a secret password to Blockbuster
to see what new movies are in my order so I know what I’ll be watching this weekend. Used to have
Netflix but Blockbusters Total Access was a better deal. I am not loyal to credit card companies
or retailers the minute I find out I can do better; probably a personality flaw. But, don’t think
it’s fair when new clients are enticed to sign up with a company and get a bag of goodies while loyal
old customers get butcus! I remember being a kid and signing up for Sports Illustrated and maybe
getting a calendar when the following year new recruits got football phones! When I called up S.I.
to ask where my football phone was (I had been a loyal subscriber for a year) they told me I couldn’t
have one! So I canceled my subscription and signed up again! Nobody was going to cheat me out of
my football phone! But I digress’for all the phone numbers and digits I’m required to remember to
keep my life on an even keel there are a slew of numbers that are the responsibility of my
cell phone to remember. Speed dial # 1 is for phone messages, # 2 my office, # 3 the wife (humm’
note to self, don’t let wife read this month’s newsletter or I’m going to be forced to figure out
how to put my wife in the second pole position!) # 4 wife’s cell etc, etc. Five, six, seven are
friends but I’m not saying who! It’s bad enough that I admitted to my wife’s 3rd place without
upsetting anybody else. Anybody else I need to call – doctor, lawyer, secondary level friends
(Admit it we all have them! People you like but would not take to the airport) are part of my phone
directory in alphabetical order. I have 103 listings (just counted) in my phone. Maybe you have more,
maybe you have less. Less isn’t bad. No one is judging here. For me 103 is a lot because I don’t give
my cell phone number out to too many people. While I was scrolling through my directory (usually I just
type in the first letter of their name and skip ahead) I came across someone who used to be very close
to me. Someone I loved but is no longer alive. I froze in my tracks. I stared at their phone
number; their name. Boy, do I remember dialing that number hundreds of times not so many years ago.
It used to be a number that I knew by memory because I called it so much. Then it was relegated to
the directory and now, and now, I don’t need it anymore. Now it’s time to delete it. Time to let go; even
though I thought I already had. I stared at that phone number for what seemed like an eternity trying to
delete it from my phone; but I couldn’t. In the end I just closed my phone and smiled.

Talk to you next time,


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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