Vol 6.2 "What's Enough Stuff?" March 5, 2007

It’s March 5, 2007, 11:01 a.m. For starters, my apologies that I got behind on the February newsletter.
It was Valentine’s Day; everyone was/is in love and it was a little crazy around my office. This month,
I want to talk about ‘stuff’. You know ‘” material ‘stuff’. It finally dawned on me that it’s extremely
expensive and time-consuming to always have the latest and greatest ‘stuff’. Also, unless you can stop
time, one second after you buy the latest and greatest, the next latest and greatest hits the market
place. Part of me believes that, even when the world was buying 8 track cassettes and LP’s, the
Japanese had compact discs in their back pocket! Technology changes so rapidly that I don’t feel I can
enjoy my new gadget, even for that second, because I know that it is already obsolete. When the
I-pod first came out I got in line at midnight. As it turned out, the battery life on those suckers
was so poor I had to upgrade it. Then, they came out with a higher storage capacity (that I didn’t
really need) but felt compelled to buy. Next, Apple released a video I-pod! This looked way cool! So like
the rest of the sheep, even though I had Sony’s then latest PSP to see movies and play video games, I
went out and bought the Apple. This weekend I went to Indianapolis on business and had to have my very
own special carry-on bag that was primarily just for my electronics. These included a video I-pod;
a docking station so I could play my music when I got to my hotel in Indianapolis; my Sony
headphones with noise reduction so I could so I could cancel out the airplane noise; and my out-dated
Sprint pocket PC; Sony PSP; video games; movies for the PSP; Sony’s 8.1 mega pixel digital camera
(used to be the best compact digital camera just a few months ago); two books (yes, believe it or
not I still have time to read); and all of the electrical cords to recharge the devices that seem to
have shorter and shorter charge life every day that I own them. My bag of electronics weighed over
20 pounds! Twenty pounds of ‘stuff’ that will be tomorrow’s junk. Last month Apple had the audacity to
tell me about the I-pod phone! It will be a phone, play video, music, and snap pictures and cook you
breakfast! But I’ve had enough! I’m getting off this merry-go-round! I remember a life, not too
long ago, when I wasn’t checking my PDA every ten seconds to see if I got an e-mail or text message. I
remember a life before Google & Yahoo were household names and I didn’t spend more time surfing the
net then enjoying old friends. The funny thing, I mean the straw that broke the camel’s back, was my new
LS460L Lexus, that I took delivery on a couple months ago. My old Lexus wasn’t even a year old and had
less then 1700 miles on it. But something inside me (something stupid) just felt empty when Lexus
rolled out their new Flagship car. It can parallel park itself and has every creature comfort you can
imagine. I didn’t need it. Hell, 90% of the stuff I don’t ‘need’. But, I got it anyway. My keeping up
with the Jones’ mentality made me sign on the dotted line. Is it a great car? Sure. Have I enjoyed it?
Of course. Am I happier with it? Don’t think so. One thing I have known for a while is if you’re not
happy before you buy the ‘stuff’, you won’t be happy after you get it. ‘Stuff’ can only enhance happy,
or so I thought. I now realize that too much ‘stuff’ can smother happy. Too much ‘stuff’ can lead
to attachment, which can lead to fear of loss of said ‘stuff’. Possessions can possess you if you let
them. As I was making myself comfortable on a very small, fifty passenger Continental Express flight,
I started rummaging through my electronics bag to decide if I wanted to watch a movie, listen to music,
play a video game or go through my e-mails’ too many choices!! I decided to read the new Lexus
magazine that I got in the mail. Probably some cool article in there talking about my new state
of the art Flagship Lexus! That will be fun to read I thought. What did I find? An article about the
new state of the art LS600HL that debuts in 2008 making the new ride obsolete in six months. Ghandi
once said, ‘Live simply so others can simply live’. Good advice.

Talk to you next time,


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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