Vol 5.4 "Does Everything Happen for a Reason?"

Dear Friends,

Its March 29, 2006, 10:11 a.m. Last night I looked over what prerecorded shows were left on our Tivo-like
digital recorder but didn’t see much that interested me. There were a couple of Oprahs, an ER, Amazing
Race 9, some Great Day Houston (my wife has been the sex and relationship expert on a couple of
shows) and a few other shows whose names escape me. Which tells you how interesting they must have

In most households I’ve heard the man is in charge of the remote control. However, since my wife and
I only watch shows that have been prerecorded (so we can skip the commercials) and since she’s the only
one that will take the time to schedule recordings, I am at her mercy. But she’s fair. For every World
News Tonight and NBC Evening News she records (I like to watch both to see if there is any bias in the
reporting) I agree to watch Entertainment Tonight and America’s Next Top Model. To be honest I
don’t have a problem looking at a bunch of scantily clad models falling off runways and posing for the
camera. It’s mindless fun. For a House or West Wing I agree to watch American Idol, which isn’t
bad either? I’m a big believer in chasing your dream. It took me a long time to realize that catching a
dream isn’t as exhilarating as the pursuit, but I digress.

Last night, shortly after 10:15 p.m. my wife hands me the remote (I got so excited) and says, ‘Put on
whatever you want’ and rolled over. Wow–decision time. Do I bide my time with local news till Leno
comes on, or do I press I-Control (a neat feature on my cable system that lets me watch shows & movies
on command)? I passed on Leno and opened I-Control. I found Autopsy 9 from HBO. I need to stop
right here and let everybody know that it is absolutely, 100%, a bad idea to see a show on corpses and
cadavers and how they got that way. If all you get from this newsletter is don’t watch Autopsy 9 with
your wife nodding off, alone in your dark bedroom right before you go to sleep then I will have helped
humanity in some small way.

OK, I’ll press on. As each slab at the morgue was unveiled, they would repeatedly show a ‘before’
picture of how young and vibrant this person was and then show them all cut up and stabbed 17 times.
One by one, story after story, I typically saw a young person, whose life came to an abrupt end. I
watched the whole show, turned off the TV and lay there in my dark room scared out of my mind. But
that passed, once I remembered what all the little dim lights and things in my room were. Then, I
thought of all those people. When bad things happen or things we don’t understand, there is always
someone who says, ‘Everything happens for a reason.’ I’ve even said it myself a time or two. But last
night as I reached over to make sure my wife hadn’t gone anywhere, I thought,’ What if everything
doesn’t happen for a reason?’ ‘ What if it’s all random like a poker hand?’ What if luck or bad timing
is all it takes from being in bed with your beautiful wife vs being on a cold slab in the morgue?’
Clearly this kind of thinking wasn’t going to let me sleep, so I thought of the good food I was going
to eat tomorrow and fell asleep.

Talk to you next time,

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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