Vol 5.11 "Harvey Skaggs Jr." November 1, 2006

Dear Friends,

Its October 30th, 12:18 p.m. A couple of weeks ago I testified for the defense in the murder trial of Julie
Boyd in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. As a diamond expert my task was to educate the jury about a mass
produced diamond called the ‘Duchess Cut’ that was sold heavily in the 1990s by J.C. Penny; Kays;
Zales; J.B. Robinson; Service Merchandise, etc. The prosecutor contended that Harvey had murdered
Julie in order to obtain this ‘rare’.42ct modified, Marquise-shaped, diamond solitaire. The ring was
worth about $400.00.

Harvey had never done anything wrong in his life. He went into the Air Force right after high school,
served his country for over ten years, then in 2002 he decided to try something new. After working at
several jobs he chose to do some repo work. Here is where Julie and Harvey’s paths first cross. She
wanted him to repossess a truck that belonged to her, from her soon to be ex-husband, who had moved
out in March 2004. It was December 30, 2004 when Julie went with Harvey in his van to pick up her truck.
They were car-jacked; Julie was hammered to death and Harvey choked unconscious. When Harvey
woke up and saw Julie’s condition he drove her immediately to the emergency room. She was dead on
arrival. After some questioning Harvey was let go only to be arrested in January 2005 for first-
degree murder when the police found a similar ring to Julie’s old engagement ring on Harvey’s fiancé.

Julie’s diamond did not weigh the same as the one found on Harvey’s girlfriend. There was no
plotting of Julie’s ring that could prove they were the same. In fact, the original receipt of
Julie’s ring showed that it had been purchased from a store named LeRoy’s Jeweler, while the
ring in evidence had a stamp that indicated it was originally sold by J.B. Robinson. Harvey
contends he bought his engagement ring from a pawn shop. They remember Harvey in the store but
don’t give out receipts for cash purchases. There was no DNA, blood-splatter evidence, eyewitnesses
or weapon found that could conclusively be connected to Harvey. In fact, the opposite was true.
A bloody thumb print that didn’t match Harvey or Julie was found in the van along with hair
and fiber evidence that was only tested to see if it was a match for Harvey or Julie. It wasn’t.
After Harvey was arrested, his bail was set at one million dollars. Of course he could not pay
and he sat in jail for the 22 months before the trial. Seventeen of these months he was
in solitary confinement after a botched attempt on his life.

Harvey was threatened with the death penalty when he was first arrested. Over time the District Attorney
kept making him better offers if he would agree that he had committed the crime. His answer was always
the same, ‘I will not admit to something I did not do.’ Right before the trial the District Attorney made
him one final offer–admit to an accidental murder in the act of robbery and we’ll give you five years.
You have served 22 months; we’ll let you walk with time served. His answer was unchanged, ‘I will not
admit to a crime I did not commit.’ You see Harvey believed in his country; he believed in the justice
system. If my country sends me to war it must be a just war. If a man gets accused of doing something
he did not do, he gets his day in court. An innocent man has nothing to worry about.

Harvey was found guilty of murdering Julie Boyd and sentenced to 25 years without parole and an
additional 20 years for robbery of a $400.00 ring the prosecutor couldn’t even prove belonged to Julie.

Harvey will be 77 years old before he will be let out of prison. Two weeks ago he could have been free if
he told one lie. He couldn’t do it. It wasn’t in his character. Now, he will spend the rest of his life
defending the truth. Every year 10,000 people are convicted of crimes they did not commit. Harvey’s is
just another one to add to the list. Would you give up your life for the truth? How many Harveys is it
going to take before we realize the system is broken?

Talk to you next time,

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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