Vol 4.7 ""You Bet Your Life"" July 19, 2005

By Fred Cuellar

Dear Friends,

It’s Tuesday, July 19, 2005. My Vice President/General Manager’s birthday is
today. He’s 38. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been re-watching old OZ
episodes. You know the HBO series about inmates who are incarcerated for a
myriad of reasons from rape to murder. These are for the most part some
pretty hard core fellas. I’ve been re-watching seasons 3 & 4 because my wife
bought me season 5 and I wanted to re-remember what was going on before
I dove into the fifth season. Personal note here: If you can get past the
violence, brutality, language, and nudity, you will find, at its core, story
lines and life lessons to rival any, anywhere. Every episode has at least one
moral,one cautionary tale, one experience that will have a lasting effect on
your life.

Season 4, Episode 8
‘You Bet Your Life (already in progress)’

Gloria: Hi!

Sister Pete: Hi, oh.

Gloria: I was gonna come up to the office and see you, but I thought, no.

Sister Pete: Listen, I’m surprised you got this far. How you doing?

Gloria: Oh, small increments or better, you know.

Sister Pete: Yeah.

Gloria: You?

Sister Pete: Ah, I’m in a mood. Today I got the documents to sign.

Gloria: Documents?

Sister Pete: To stop being a nun.

Gloria: So, this lunch we’re having is a celebration?

Sister Pete: I don’t know. I still haven’t made up my mind. I mean,
joining a religious order, you know, you become a bride of Christ. It’s hard
to accept that when I put my signature on those documents Christ and I are

(Cyril kicks a chair across the pod.)

Ryan: Okay, what’s the matter now, Cyril?

Cyril: You and that woman.

Ryan: What woman?

Cyril: Officer Howell.

Ryan: What about her?

Cyril: You and she are bad.

Ryan: Huh?

Cyril: Come on, tell.

Ryan: Tell? There’s nothing to tell.

Cyril: Wink, wink. I’m gonna tell.

Ryan: Shut up, Cyril.

Cyril: Fuck you.

Ryan: You shut up or I’ll smack ‘”

Cyril: What? You’re going to what? I can take you. I can beat you up.

Ryan: Jesus fucking Christ, man. Fucking place!

[Sister Pete’s office.]

Sister Pete: Here it is. I sign that document, I stop being a nun.

Father Ray: You gonna sign it?

Sister Pete: Yes. Want to watch?

Father Ray: No, thanks.

Ryan: Sister, hey. I really need to talk to you.

Father Ray: I was just leaving.

Ryan: No, Father, please stay. I appreciate your input.

Sister Pete: What’s up?

Ryan: It’s my brother. He seems to be okay after the OD, but he’s
having these terrible nightmares again. So, he only gets but a few hours of
sleep, and I’m beginning to think that the uh, what’d you call it?

Sister Pete: Deprivation?

Ryan: Yeah, that. That that shit’s just starting to affect his brain.

Sister Pete: Why, what’s he doing?

Ryan: Oh, he’s becoming aggressive, he’s making things up and claiming
to see things that just aren’t there.

Father Ray: Really?

Ryan: Yeah. I was wondering if maybe you could put him back on some
kind of medication, you know, um, something to knock him out, just for a
little while, until he gets some sleep?

Sister Pete: Uh, alright, I’ll meet with Cyril and then I’ll decide what’s best for him.

Ryan: You gotta remember this:This stuff he’s saying, man, it’s crazy.

[Sister Pete’s office, later.]

Sister Pete: And the nightmares are always the same?

Cyril: Pretty much.

Sister Pete: Is there anything in your dreams that you see when you’re

Cyril: No.

Sister Pete: Cyril, do you remember anything before your accident?

Cyril: Before I hit my head?

Sister Pete: Yeah.

Cyril: My mother’s hands. They were rough, all red from working but soft when she touched me.

Sister Pete: Anything else?

Cyril: The cross, like that, around her neck. She’d pray to Jesus.

Sister Pete: Do you believe in Jesus?

Cyril: That’s a silly question.

Sister Pete: Why?

Cyril: ‘Cause it’s not up to me, believing or not believing. We don’t choose God. God chooses us.

Talk to you next time,


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