Vol 4.2 "Love and Money" February 22, 2005

Dear Friends,


It’s 9:50 AM, February 22, 2005. Valentine’s Day was just over a week ago.
Hallmark, florists, jewelers and other peddlers of love are saddened by the
passing of yet another money-making opportunity in the name of love. Love is
over a trillion dollar business. In Central Park, a couple of artists spent
21 million dollars to decorate its pathways with orange colored gates and
flowing saffron fabric. Why? ‘A creation of love,’ they said.

When did money get hooked up with love? How did they meet? I bet it was
money who made the first move. You know how money can be, always showing off,
looking for a good time, buying expensive presents. Was love at home when
money came calling? I bet love was curled up with a good book when money
knocked on the door unannounced.

The tabloids (US Weekly, People, Cosmopolitan) say love and money have been a
couple for a long time. They’ve been seen together at the park, on Broadway,
at the office and in millions of commercials and TV shows. If you believe
everything you read, love is synonymous with money'”one can’t exist without the
other. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston hung out with love and money. I heard
they used to get along swimmingly. But, either money got over-bearing or love
was being too pushy so Brad and Jennifer broke them up. And with that break
-up it seems they no longer wanted to be together either. I see a lot of
people who are best friends with love and money. They treat them exactly the
same'”then they lose their way.

You see, you can have too much money, but you can’t have too much love.
There’s the crux. They were never meant to be equal, yet we see them that
way; or, we allow others to make us see them that way. ‘If you love her, then
give her this beautiful Past, Present and Future ring.’ Love doesn’t need
money. It’s the money that needs love.

So, with Valentine’s Day over, the heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are half
price. The Valentine’s Day cards are off the shelf for another year. There
are credit cards maxed out in proof of our love. As the rest of the year goes
by and you count your blessings, don’t just instantly reach for your wallet.
Open up your arms and give your loved ones a hug.

Talk to you next time,


The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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