Vol 3.3 "Twilight Zone" March 5, 2004

It’s March 5, 2004. I’ve just started in on a new book by Brian
Greene, ‘The Fabric of the Cosmos.’ Wow! What a wonderful book! While the
title probably should have been ‘The Universe for Dummies’ (I have no
scientific educational background), I’m eating up his words like a contestant
on Survivor being given a basket of chocolate covered strawberries after 20
days of rice and fish. Mr. Greene quite simply proposes one simple
question: ‘What is Reality?’ He then goes on for 569 pages to attempt to
answer the question. While I haven’t finished the book yet, I already know
one thing: He won’t be able to answer it. Science is still struggling to
understand what time and space really are.

Here’s a sneak peak at next month’s article of the month, ‘Twilight Zone.’

Talk to you next month,

By Fred Cuellar

The following story is respectfully offered for your consideration. It
concerns two people'”Kathy Kitson and Tom Sherman'”but they are from another
galaxy and another time. They live quite simply in the Twilight Zone.

‘Everybody knows, don’t you think?’ asked Kat.
‘I do. I think most people can tell we’re a couple,’ replied Tom.
‘It’s not like we’re breaking the law,’ said Kat.
‘Fifty years ago, what we’re doing would have been against the law,’ he
reminded her.
‘Thank goodness we didn’t live back then!’ She exclaimed.

Tom took Kathy into his arms and held her. Outside of their two bedroom loft
on the outskirts of suburbia, they still turned heads when they walked hand in
hand down the street. Most people just looked the other way, but there was
occasional trouble.

A recent heckler had yelled, ‘Blasphemers! Don’t you realize that what
you’re doing defies God’s will!?’

‘Well, if God is against two people loving each other, caring for each other,
then He’s no God to me!’ said Tom to the busy-body who didn’t want to mind
his own business.

Tom and Kat had just finished grocery shopping and were putting their last bag
into their sedan. The heckler continued, ‘The Bible clearly states that a man
should only lie down with a man and a woman should only lie down with a
woman. A man and a woman are only supposed to come together to procreate!
You’re breaking God’s laws!’

‘Come on, honey,’ said Kat. ‘Don’t listen to this idiot.’ Kathy and Tom got
into their car and drove away.

It didn’t make any sense to Tom. Who was he hurting? Why did anybody care
what they did in the privacy of their own home? Kathy and Tom had always
known they were different. When other kids were out hooking up with someone
of the same sex, he couldn’t stop thinking about the opposite sex. He
couldn’t help how he felt; he couldn’t help who he was attracted to. If there
was a God, as Tom believed, and God made him, then he couldn’t believe what he
was doing was wrong. While it seemed that society had finally allowed Tom and
Kathy to live their lives their way, they still couldn’t enjoy the same rights
of their ‘normal’ friends: Health benefits, retirement benefits, nothing.
They were allowed to be a couple, but they couldn’t legally be married. The
President was trying to institute an amendment that marriage was only
something between two men or two women. Opponents of O.S.M. (opposite sex
marriages) said, ‘Where is it going to stop? If you allow a man and a woman
to come together, what’s next? Polygamy? Incest? Communes? God made Adam
and Steve, not Adam and Eve! Eve only showed up when they decided they needed
an incubator to make babies!’

On the internet, articles could be found for and against O.S.M.:

In the ‘For’ Column:

‘ ‘Because our country has been founded on a constitution, in which all
people are created equal; we cannot deny the basic human legal right of
marriage to a class of individual due to their sexual preference.’
‘ ‘The right to choose whom a person marries is a fundamental right
protected by the constitution. A provincial court argued that the emotional
bonds for same and opposite sex couples are identical and so should be their
legal rights.’

The Rebuttals:

‘ Only same sex partners could make good parents.
‘ Children need to be raised by non-biological parents. Otherwise,
emotional ties will be too strong and could effect the emotional development
of the child.
‘ A child of opposite sex marriages will be subject to hate. This in
effect punishes the child who has done nothing wrong.

Tom wished there was a world out there where a person wasn’t judged by the
partner he chose, but by his character. But, he knew it was a dream. But
that’s where all great change occurs; from the birth of a dream.

Tom and Kathy are from another place, another galaxy, another time, yet we are
all caught at the same crossroads’in the Twilight Zone.

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