The Ring Has A Truth To It

Christina Aguilera's Ring
CHRISTINA AGUILERA – Value: $78,500.00
Photos courtesy of: US Weekly Magazine
Description: Approximately five carats total weight: Round center diamond bezel set in a cathedral semi-mount and flanked by eight channel set diamonds (four on each side) with a hand scrolled lattice work undercarriage to give the diamond its height.
What it says about Christina: The round diamond symbolizes traditional values. A part of her strives for stability in her life. The fact that the diamond is totally encased in a metal frame (versus prong set) is further evidence that she desires safety. Not just safety for her diamond but safety for her from the outside world. Closed settings are walls wearers put up to protect themselves. The in-line channel set diamonds on the sides are symbolic of roads; roads taken or a current path. Since each diamond-studded channel is linked to a large center stone, it shows that two paths, two lives have been magnified and improved by the union. The scrolled foliage on the undercarriage underscores that their love is not based on infatuation and has grown stronger over time.
Nicole Richie's Ring
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NICOLE RICHIE – Value: $10,000.00
Photos courtesy of: US Weekly Magazine
Description: An inverted cushion cut pink sapphire in a tight knit pave undercarriage, with an open airline split diamond pave band.
What it says about Nicole: Inexpensive, colored stones are used for only one reason—to save money. They allow the wearer to get a lot of bang for little bucks. Common responses wearers give for choosing a colored stone include “It’s my favorite color” or “It’s my birthstone.” More likely the wearer wants big and fashionable but does not want a big price tag. Engagement rings that are chosen to impress rather than to represent the union hints that the union will usually dissolve quicker than an Alka-Seltzer tablet in water. The fact that the sapphire was mounted upside down suggests doubts about the relationship that haven’t quite surfaced yet. On the plus side, when a cocktail style ring is used as an engagement ring, it can easily be placed on the other hand as a right hand ring if the couple breaks up. In short, Nicole’s ring tells the world that she is unsure in her relationship and hopes pink wouldn’t bring it down like J. Lo.
Heiidi Klum's Ring
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HEIDI KLUM – Value: $150,000.00
Photos courtesy of: US Weekly Magazine
Description: large (about 10 carats) cushion/oval light, fancy yellow diamond, prong set with a tight knit yellow canary pave in a 2.5 mm band.
What it says about Heidi: For starters it says she loves her man. The story here is not the ring. Light, fancy yellow diamonds are abundant; not like canaries with fancy intense or vivid yellows. Even the setting is nothing special. What is special is how she wears the ring. Focus on her body language. She gracefully moves her left hand around as if she were wearing the Hope diamond. The ring also tells us a lot about Seal. He chose an elongated shape that would compliment her long fingers. This man loves Heidi. He will climb to every mountain top and declare his love for his woman. In short, Heidi’s ring symbolized that she is loved and in love.
Nicolette Sheridan's Ring
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NICOLETTE SHERIDAN – Value: $22,000.00
Photos courtesy of: US Weekly Magazine
Description: Small (by celebrity standards) round center diamond set in a melee diamond wreath mounted on a two millimeter channel set diamond band (diamonds half way around).
What it says about Nicolette: The round shape signifies trust and fidelity, of course, with old fashioned values, and the diamond wreath puts an exclamation point to it. But, what this ring really symbolizes is that love has returned into her life. This ring screams joy. The ring could be a piece of string tied around her finger and she would be just as happy. Celebrities that wear small rings usually are very secure in contrast to those who require a fork lift to carry the bauble around. Nicolette’s ring tells us she’s all grown up.
Sienna Millers Ring
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SIENNA MILLER – Value: $7,500.00
Photos courtesy of: US Weekly Magazine
Description: Nine diamond cluster (illusion setting) on a wide yellow gold band.
What it says about Sienna: She loves love. Anytime diamonds are grouped together in a cluster to give the impression of one large diamond, someone wants love desperately. In many cases the wearer wants to appear that they totally have their act together and are impervious to the outside world, but the opposite is usually true. Cluster ring wearers are either pompous, cheap egomaniacs (I am not referring to Sienna) or their boyfriends are the pompous, cheap narcissist (hint, hint). My guess is her only input was that it comes on a wide band. Lovers of love need a lot of metal touching their fingers so they don’t lose that loving feeling. This ring symbolizes the relationship is on the rocks.
Camilla Bowles's Ring
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CAMILLA BOWLES – Value: Without the provenance—quarter of a million dollars. The fact that it came from the Queen–a cool million
Photos courtesy of: US Weekly Magazine
Description: Eight carat heirloom ring. Classic traditional emerald cut with three stair-stepped/bar set tapered baguettes on each side.
What it says about Camilla: She is a survivor. While emerald cuts traditionally symbolize strength and power, this ring symbolizes fortitude and perseverance. You can tell by the way she favors holding her ring when it is photographed. Her four fingers are either tightly grouped together (like a sideways hand shake) or she displays the ring fingers spread but pointing towards the sky (she doesn’t want this ring having even a chance of falling off). To Camilla this ring symbolizes that the hare doesn’t always win the race.
Melania Trump's Ring
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MELANIA TRUMP – Value: $480,000.00 (The two million in the papers is greatly exaggerated)
Photos courtesy of: US Weekly Magazine
Description: 12 carat classic emerald cut in a platinum basket setting with channel set tapered baguettes flanking each side.
What it says about Melania: While its common knowledge that emerald cuts represent inner strength and influence, it doesn’t necessarily coincide with the wearer as much as the giver in this instance. This ring represents two things: 1) The recipient is viewed more as a commodity than an equal partner (Trump chose it on his own; her likes or dislikes were secondary). 2) Like the ring, she likes being put on a pedestal regardless of what she has to do to stay there. In this rare instance the ring signifies Melania is a follower and not a leader. If she wants to stay on a pedestal she needs to never forget it.
Demi Moore's Ring
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DEMI MOORE – Value: You’ll have to ask her…or the prize department at Cracker Jacks
Photos courtesy of: US Weekly Magazine
Description: Yellow gold ring with a pink colored stone.
What it says about Demi: She’s a practical jokester. She loves to see the media jump through hoops to get the inside scoop to a possible engagement. When you’re in love you don’t play games. This ring is a symbol that she is not in a long term relationship even if she tells the world otherwise.
By Fred Cuellar

The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the world’s top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
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