Excellent job on ring order

Now that things are a little less busy, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for an excellent job on my ring order. The workmanship was outstanding. All who have seen the ring were very impressed. I was very pleased as well. Your friendly customer service was greatly appreciated. Finally, Fred’s book “How To Buy A Diamond” was quite interesting and useful. Thanks again! You have my recommendation.

Kevin M. Halloran, Richmond, VA

Critical Decisions

I want to thank you very much for all your help with my diamond purchase. The information you and Diamond Cutters International provided was critical in enabling me to choose a Diamond that my girlfriend will love and that I can feel confident was the best stone I could get for the money. Please keep up the great work in continuing to educate others!

Thank again,

Started with a quick lesson on diamonds


It all began in December of 1992. There I was, in your office getting the quick lesson on diamonds and what you and DCI could do for me. I can still remember that day, as if it were yesterday. Although my first marriage did not work out, I still held my relationship with you and DCI sacred. I know on many occassions I sent you possible clients; all of which thanked me later for telling them about you. You have been somewhat an inspiration to me and others for your knowledge and your kindness.

For over 20 years, I have seen your business grow and prosper. You now cater to the rich & famous, atheletes, CEOs, and even the White House. These are accomplishments that not too many people can begin to dream about. What makes me writing this letter so special is the simple fact that I am just an ordinary person, but yet you put me and my request on the same level as anyone else.

Thank you Fred. Yes, thank you and the DCI staff for all that you have done. I look forward to the future, and my next visit to Diamond Cutters International.

Kind Regards & Friendship
Michael Moore