Steel Curtain


On February 1, 2009, the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to win the Super Bowl. But for bettors, they are going to make you sweat! The Cardinals’ offensive front line will hold for the first half allowing Kurt to pass at will to put up at least 16 first half points.


If the Steelers are lucky and convert their last drive of the half, they will enjoy a 19-16 or 21-16 lead. The third quarter will be a quarter of turnovers, misfiring, and out-and-out dropped balls that would have given Arizona the lead again.  I see very few third quarter or early fourth quarter points. As the closing minutes approach, Arizona fans and those taking the under will start feeling a little comfortable.  However, the Arizona front line will crumble two crucial times leading to 10-14 unanswered points by the Steelers. Final score will be:

Steelers 34    Cardinals 23

Congratulations both teams!