So Long

If I wasn’t here
would you wonder
where I had gone

If I came home late
would you ponder about me
or your dinner plate

When the children cry
will you call out my name
so their screams won’t interfere
with your playoff game

Am I your reason for living
or a convenience in life

Do you think more of me as a maid
or do I still count as your wife

I still remember
when you dropped to one knee
you said you’d liberate me
you said you’d set me free

But all I’ve done
is replace one cell for another
you don’t want a companion
you want a replacement for your mother

So if you ever want me back
be the man you used to be
the man who put me first
the man who used to see

If I wasn’t here tomorrow
would you wonder where I had gone
you used to have me in your arms
but it’s time to say so long

Taken for granted

by Fred Cuellar the Diamond Guy®

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