Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, Tin Man

All men, not some men, are either part of, or all of the above. Knowing what you have and how to deal with him will either make or break your relationship.

Let’s start with “The Scarecrow.” Unlike his title “The Scarecrow” is brave, loyal and trustworthy. He would fall on a brush fire if it meant saving a life. “Scarecrows” are so kindhearted that their mates always take top priority. “Scarecrows” remember birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions. Their downfall lies in self-maintenance. Their stuffing is always falling out. Their organizational skills are poor at best and matching the right tie, sports coat and slacks can sometimes be disastrous.

“Scarecrows” are generally considered loners that avoid large crowds and stay introverts unless forced out of the nest. Most “scarecrows” think they lack the brain power for success but they’re generally geniuses. If you don’t mind a man with maintenance problems and is probably a little sloppy, “scarecrows” make great husbands and can be molded with little or no extra effort. Don’t get me wrong, “scarecrows” aren’t wimps, they’re just guys that are too smart to know how smart they are.

“Cowardly Lions” are direct opposites of “scarecrows”. They are boisterous, loud, sometimes obnoxious and very macho. They are extroverts to the third power. They are the athletes, the lawyers, and the salesmen. You see, to a “cowardly lion,” the cowardly is silent. To them they are just lions. King of the jungle. But the sad part is it’s just an act partly for their benefit, partly for others, but it is still just an act.

You see ladies, men are a nation of opposites. If he acts macho, he’s really shy; if he’s shy, he’s a conqueror, and hidden inside of every “cowardly lion” is a man that thinks if he acts tough enough, talks tough enough, maybe he can convince himself he’s tough enough.

“Cowardly lions” can make great husbands, but they are tougher to tame. If you don’t get through the macho man act, you’re doomed. Because until the “cowardly lion” realizes he doesn’t have to act tough to be a man, you’ll never get anywhere. By the way, some “cowardly lions” are smart, but very few. Unfortunately they spend too much time thinking about themselves than they do others. A “cowardly lion’s” favorite saying is “Well, what’s in it for me?”

The “Tin Man” if you recall was looking for a heart. That’s probably the best way to describe a “tin man.” A man in search of emotion. “Tin men” can be accountants, engineers, even architects. Usually they are great men. Over-achievers, men of logic; cause and effect fellows. The biggest problem with “tin men” is how they overanalyze everything and how anal they are. They have a sense of perfection that must be a standard for all others to live up to. Quite frankly, most “tin men” end up living very empty lives. They get left behind because they can never learn the art of compassion and the voice of the soul. Want to be a wealthy wife? Find a “tin man,” he’ll be a great provider. Want to live a glorious life? Teach a “tin man” how to feel, how to touch, how to love. Give the “tin man” a heart and you’ll have a love affair that will never die.

Now don’t get me wrong, not all men are just one of these characters, some are combinations like I said before; heck there’s even a Dorothy or two out there. But what you should get from this article is there is no one definition of a man. We are all different and if you’re going to want to get to know your man better, it might be a good idea to know who you are talking to. The scarecrow, the cowardly lion, or the tin man.

by Fred Cuellar the Diamond Guy
The founder and president of Diamond Cutters International, is one of the worlds top diamond experts, as well as a three-time Guinness Book record holder in jewelry design.
Fred The Diamond Guy
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