Relationship Advice

Why do men do what they do? How do I understand women? I never expected THIS to happen! If you’ve ever thought about any of these then you’ve found the right place. Below you’ll find fun and entertaining Q & A, articles for men, for women, and thoughts about life.

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Ask LaTeace
Everyone needs a friendly ear to help them through a situation with a loved one. Luckily, LaTeace has two friendly ears and she’s ready to listen! Don’t be shy – ask her what’s really on your mind.
For Men Only
There’s one question in the Universe that can’t be answered. It’s not, “Why are we here?” Or “Who really built the Pyramids?” Not even, “How do you defeat Tiger Woods?” No – The Question is, “What Makes Women Tick?” Fred does his best to answer that.
For Women Only
Men are easy to figure out, right? Beer + TV + Sports + Sex = Happy Man, right? Surprisingly, no. Fred delves into the many types of men and their odd behaviors.
Life Articles
Life is a funny thing. It’s shorter, more complicated, and has more twists and turns than one could ever have imagined as a child. These articles are Fred’s essays and inspirations for getting through the good times and bad.
Life lessons, we’ve all had them, we’ve all learned from them. Some are tougher than others and some are funnier than others. But if you want to get some advice about life in general without going through the tough parts, check out Fred’s Fredisms.