What should it cost to replace a cloudy CZ and who can you find to do it?

QuestionsCategory: Ask The Diamond GuyWhat should it cost to replace a cloudy CZ and who can you find to do it?
Dee Doan Staff asked 2 years ago

**I just realized that I put my last name in the e-mail address space. I didnít spot it until I hit Submit Question I am resubmitting my question with my e-mail address in the right space. Sorry for my mistake. I hope to hear from you, I appreciate your sharing your knowledge with us.***Here is the original question*** Hello, I just found your site a few days ago and have been reading and enjoying your information on CZs. I canít beleive someone who is the Diamond Guy cares about us Cubic Zirconia people. It really touched my heart and I just want to say Thank you. Now for my question. I have searched your question archives, but canít seem to find this information. I have a diamonique 1ct marquise cz set in a 14k yellow gold ring. It has six prongs holding the stone. I just got it on an auction type web site so it was used, but itís pretty. The cz seems to really sparkle when I first clean it, but after a little while it doesnít look as bright as it did when I first cleaned it. After reading many of your other cz answers, I thought I could order a 1ct marquise cz from Jewlers direct for $12.00 and have the old stone replaced. I called a few jewlers in my area and got over the phone estimates ranging from $8.00 to $60.00 . I explained that I just wanted them to take out the old cz and put in the new one. So I was surprise at the price difference. Can you give me some insight on what this job should cost. I donít know how old the ring is ,and I donít know what type of wear it had before I got it, so I donít know the condition of the prongs. They look okay to me and the stone doesnít feel loose at all, but I am not a jeweler so I canít say if they need any work or not. If it would be just a simple swithcing of the stones, what would be a reasonable price to pay? Is it unreasonable to ask a jewler to do such a thing? Thank you for your time and consideration.Ruth

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Dee Doan Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Ruth,
$25-$35 is not an unreasonable amount to pay but why not have Jewelers Direct do it? Theyíll probably get you the best price.
The Diamond Guy

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