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Sarah asked 2 years ago

I had an engagement ring (round cut halo Tolkowsky) which was
-an SI1 F colour with excellent cut polish an symmetry.
Unfortunately this ring was damaged and they swapped it for
– SI2 clarity , F colour excellent cut and polish and very good symmetry- so not as good as the first ring
AGAIN there were faults with the diamonds as they were not set properly in the band so they are going to swap it again.

the only one they can swap it with is now an I1 (so the clarity has dropped from SI1 to SI2 and now this one I1) E colour with excellent polish and symmetry. If I am not happy with this they said they can have one specially made but cannot garentee the clarity colour etc. Also its 16 week wait and the other ring (I1, E) will have sold.
what do I do I am so upset this has been going on for ages back and forth to the shop

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Dee Doan Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Sarah,
I’m sorry about your situation. I would not recommend dropping to I1 from SI1. Even with the color improvement, it’s not a comparable diamond. No two diamonds will be exactly alike. The replacement may differ; however, you should not have to sacrifice value. Please call us at 1-800-275-4047 with their next option so we could help you make sure the value and overall aesthetic is close to the original.

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