Who's the No.1 jeweler in this world?


Hello Fred, I know you recommend the "four horsemen" as the very top jewelers, but I'm just wondering who, in your professional opinion, is the No.1 among the four? Any why? Thanks!


Hi David,
Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels are owned by Richemont. (A swiss luxury goods holding company) It is listed on the SIX swiss exchange and on the JSI securities exchange. Harry Winston diamond corporation was gobbled up by Aber in Toronto and is traded on the Toronto stock exchange and the New York stock exchange. Laurence Graff (The current king of diamonds) born in 1938 is still alive and runs his own show. Of the four remaining horsemen, three are publicly traded. Markets by their very nature are random systems. Random systems are more vulnerable to the winds of change. They move hands that can go into a cookie jar, the fewer cookies you are likely to have. Graff is #1 because he doesn’t answer to anyone but himself. Long Term? Graff will die, his company will eventually go public and this will open the door to a new horseman. This new white horse, whoever they turn out to be, will be the new king. –Fred