Who to trust


My sister in law was married to my best friend.
They are divorced now and she is engaged to someone I really can’t trust. This Dog she’s engaged to kind of helped the divorce along. She was unhappy and when the Dog heard it he came right on in. He was taking her to lunch, in her office all the time and at her house when her husband wasn’t there. I had a very strong feeling what was going on but I never told my friend about it. I always thought he’d find out. Knowing what this guy did to my friend I really feel I can’t trust him when he becomes my new brother in law. Her family doesn’t know a whole lot on what happened. I’m not really sure what to do. I can’t trust the guy and he knows why and my sister in law never listens to reason. When I discussed with her about her marriage problems she said the reason she was leaving was because she wasn’t happy and was going to focus on her child, my niece. Well she focused more on the boytoy and less on her child. My niece now acts kind of like she wants attention all the time. I feel bad for her and now she’ll be stuck in this forever. Any advice would help. Do I bite the bullet and try to be friends with the guy or continue to tolerate him and never take the extra step to be his friend. Trust is a big thing with me.


Trust yourself and your gut. Yeah, he sneaked in under your friends nose, but she never would have accepted if things were good between them in the first place. She’s a grown woman and she will have to learn the hard way. Nothing is forever. I think it’s going to be really hard for you to be good friends with him no matter what since he’s now with your best friends ex-wife. There is no rush to do anything. Sit back, watch and trust yourself on how close you may ever choose to be with him.

All the best,