When will I learn??


Hmm how much time do you have? I became friends with this guy 3 years a go one thing lead to another. He became a very important person n my life. we dated for a while we weren’t ever really exclusive. a year ago he met this girl and started dating her. Here is the problem he wants his cake and wants to eat it to. he moved around the corner from me he still calls still wants to go out and still wants all the benefits that go along with it. He gives me cards saying how much of agreat friend I am and that he always knows he is with a true freidn when he’s with me. I do love him nad I do think he cares about me but if he has this girl that he is with then why does he still come back to me it seems thathe spends more time with me then her but he says she is the one that he wants to be with. but why does he still want me in his life? Why does he keep me around? Why does he want me in his life why is he with her and not me if he and I have such a good relationship why isnt he with me? What do you think he is thinking? Am I just a fool and idiot for thinking that one day he will realize I am the one he wants and that we are great together? Thans for your time and your ear… -Jen


He had the time to be with you exclusively and didn’t do it. Instead he started another relationship. He just wants variety and options. He couldn’t have been clearer when he said that she’s the one he wants to be with and you are a true friend. You will always be int he back seat here. You care about him and have had some good times with him. He’s got his own girl and it’s time you get your own say.

All the best,