What to do?


Hi I’ve been seeing this girl and we have been on 2 dates and the first was to mini golf then a movie and the second was dinner at my place that she said she like the food. At the end of both dates it’s like she ran off we have never hugged or kissed. We have good conversation and we laugh. Her uncle hooked me up with her and she told his mom that she likes me and would go on a second date and he told me. So my question is what to do I like her? Why would she go without looking at me and acting nervous? I’m thinking about hugging her when we meet the next time but at the begining and then saying well I just wanted to catch you before you ran off HELP what should I do? I understand it’s the 2nd date.


Hi Rome,

Actually hugging her and saying that is really cute. That should help warm her up. It just sounds like she’s very shy and nervous to me. You breaking the ice is exactly what she needs.