what do i do?


hi, ive been with my boyfriend for 5yrs.out the five yrs. he has cheated on me with my mother and that happend for a yr. in a half i recently made the biggest mistake in my life in early may i had my first cheat. now i forgave him for what he did to me. and now he wont forgive me. i love him with all my heart i had his baby and now my son has to deal with hearing that we arent happy or seeing that we arent happy. he wont forgive me as many times as ive asked him to. how can i have him see that im sorry more truely then ever and that im the only female thats ever going to love him as much as i do no one els. i need help…..


You know after normal circumstances once someone says that my boyfriend cheated on me with my mother, there’s really no reason to go any further. That’s a huge betrayal. You forgave him and for some reason decided to cheat yourself. Something made you cheat. Something must be missing. Besides that, he has the indignity of not forgiving you (even though he has no reason to). He expects you to be a docile doormat. Taking whatever he gives you, but you made your own decision and now he feels he is not in control. You say that you’re the only one that’s going to love him as much as you do. That’s not the problem. The problem is that you don’t love you. Even if you don’t think that you don’t deserve more, your son does. This relationship is dis functional and you are as much to blame as he is. Get out and give your son a chance to see two functional separate people.

All the best,