Value of a ring


I have a 3.25ct center diamond that is I1 and it was remounted in an 18 kt gold Martin Gruber Nova mounting that has 1.5 cts of vs diamonds. Have an estimate of this ring? It was appraised in 2005 at 45000.00. Now I know that the appraisal value is not the market value of a ring like this but not sure. My friend has a jewelry store locally and has offered me 15000.00 for the ring.


Hi Diane,

What is the color, shape, fluorescence and proportions for your center diamond? I need all the missing information to assess the value of the center. Also, what’s the color of the accent diamonds on the setting? How many stones and their sizes are on the 1.5ct mounting? $15k doesn’t sound bad at a glance but can’t be sure because of missing info.