Hi lateace,
the q is me and amy have been frinds for 4-5 yrs and she knows i love her with all my heart we are so close the ppl in town think we are man and wife but she puts me in like a gra zone not her man but more than a close frind will about a mouth a go i think she wanted to sleep with me but i did not bc she had been drinking and amy is not a pec a ass to me i want her to be my wife will she is by sexl and is seeing a woman know and all i have been doing is supp her will the other woman i thinks of me as a thrat so me and amy are not talking but this has haped in the past and she all ways comes runing back to me do i stick it out or move on(god i hope you dont say move on lol) sorry i have D.L. sorry about the spell so i come to you asking what to do. allways hers hunter b



It is time to move on. I’m not saying don’t be her friend, but I am saying that you’ve been pining for her for too long and you have never given her a real reason to decide what exactly your relationship is. Step away, date others, and see what it’s like to be in a relationship where you are the center of someones attention as well. In addition, it just may help Amy see things clearer without you blocking the way. She may see that she needs to stop leading you on or she may decide being with you is what she would like. Give her the space and a reason to make a choice.

All the best,