Tiffany Embrace/Soleste vs Harry Winston Micro Pave Cushion


I am wanting to purchase a new wedding ring. I am torn between the Tiffany Embrace, the Tiffany Soleste and the Harry Winston Micropave cushion.
I want a ring of very high quality to leave to my family as part of my estate. Which in your opinion is the most beautiful, which is the most well made, and which one would command the most value if my heirs ever needed to sell it for some reason?Thank you for your help.


Hi Kathleen,

If a goal is a good quality diamond (one that hold its value and/or appreciates for over time), then steer clear of the cushion shape diamonds. They’re not cut to maximize sparkle. All three of the settings you mentioned are beautiful. As long as you place a non-commercial grade diamond in them, you’re set. Have a great day!