The Crutch


I have an issue with the denied responsibility that is taught to us permissively through the media in its various forms. Mainly, why is it that we let generalities govern what we are supposed to do and how we are supposed to act in certain situations? Is it that a pschological profile was generated on behalf of the masses and its divisions such as sex, enthnicity and age? I’m really trying to understand why it’s ok to see males as indecisive and drunken ogres with thier hand in thier pants while viewing football and doing nothing with thier lives while women are conveyed as being scheming, over emotional drama queens that have nothing better to do than find out who’s sleeping with who in real life and in soap operas? Where has self accountablity gone in today’s society? When will we remember that we have a choice about what kind of people we are?


Hi Jeremy,

Question #1, because most of us are sheep (you and I not included 🙂 ) and we’d rather be told what to do and complain than take responsibility for our own actions based on a belief system of our own creation. Psychological profile? Hell yeah! It’s rooted in psychological profiling we are a fast food nation that wants instant gratification at any cost and that includes making snap judgments about people and places and things when we don’t have enough data to know the difference being rained on or pissed on. People haven’t forgotten they have a choice in how to lead their lives; they just refuse to make it! As a society we have a larger fear of loss combined with a sense of entitlement that takes us down a dead end. If I’m going to be called out it won’t be because I was too scared to swing the bat! Until there is a fundamental change in personal responsibility people won’t only make poor choices, they will refuse to choose. And guess what? Life doesn’t play chess alone! If you don’t move your pieces, life will take them away from you till you won’t have any choices to make at all.