Reputable Dealer/Jeweler in Augusta, GA?


Hello sir,

I live in the Augusta, GA area and I'm looking for a reputable jeweler so that I might purchase a diamond wedding/anniversay ring. I would like it to be in the area of a VS1–VS2, maybe VVS1-VVS2(depending on cost), D – G color with an EX or VG polish and symmetry, no culet, no fluorescence, medium girdle, Ideal cut and around a 1.5 carat and GIA certified. By chance, can you recommend a local jeweler which will treat me fair..This is very important to me.

Thank you



Hi Daniel,

VVS clarity is not meant to be worn because of bearding. Hard-graded VS clarity would be a great clarity to wear. Please note that GIA does not “certify” any person, place, or thing. The word “certify” is a misnomer in the diamond industry. Be careful! Try our My Gemologist department at 800-275-4047. They be able to find a good jeweler in your area. Have a great day!