I have/had been dating a girl on and off for about 3 months. She texted me alot and called me every night. We could get together when neither of us had our kids which was about every other weekend. she is in the middle of going through a divorce. I’ve been divorced for a couple of years now. We had to go a month without seeing each other and she got upset cause she said she loved me and was upset i didnt say it the last time we were together. I told her i did, i was just gonna say it at xmas cause i thought it would be more special. Now she says we don’t have enough time to make it work but still is saying she loves me. Should i give up or just let her be for awhile?


Ask her what she means by “we don’t have enough time to make it work”. It makes no sense. Only she will know what she means by that and then you will have more information to make a decision.

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