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Hey LaTease,
Met your sister at the brooklyn va and she showed me your site 🙂 I like your advice pages.. anyhow, wondering what you think about dating a much younger man- I’m 30 and he’s 21 but he’s super mature for his age and probably one of the best communicators I have dated.. I’ve told him I have concerns since we are at diff life stages but he thinks age is just a number and we should just see where it takes us.. he’s even willing to talk about a future together.. am I fooling myself?


I say enjoy the time you have with him. 21 is very young. He may be extremely mature, but both you and I know that you’re nowhere near the same person you were at 21. That being said, I married at 20 and that was over 20 years ago. If you can give each other the space to grow, you have a shot at a long future.