Oval GIA report



I have recently started to look for an engagement ring, and have read Fred Cuellar’s book, “How to buy a Diamond”. I have found it very helpful in looking for a diamond and for a store. My search has lead me to two different shapes one being round, the other an oval cut.

I have been to a few jewelry place in Des Moines, Iowa, and the round cuts have had all the information given on the GIA report. My question is about Oval GIA reports. Some of the jewelers give a GIA report for the oval cut but it doesn’t have all the requirements ask for to complete the Proportion questionnaire Sheet (P.Q.S).

When I asked what the pavilion angle on the oval diamond was, I was told it changes from side to side on the diamond so the GIA report does not list it.

Is this true?
Do oval cuts not give the pavilion angle on GIA reports, if the angle is not listed should I look at the Length to Width ratio to ensure the diamond is proportional correct?

Thank you for your help,
Lucas Bauer


Hi Lucas,

It is true that pavilion and crown angles could vary–usually on lower cut grades. However, that’s not the reason why these are omitted on the lab grading report. Labs strategically remove all vitals (or proportions) other than table and total depth on all fancy cuts. This missing information could trick consumers to confuse lower cut grades (class 3 and 4) as better cut grades (class 1 and 2).

Length/width ratio cannot supplement the missing crown and pavilion angles. They’re independent characteristics.

You could demand a sarine/megascope report from the seller. The report contains all the information regarding a diamond’s proportions. If the seller has nothing to hide, he/she shouldn’t have an issue providing this information.

Have a great day!