Need Help with Sapphire Jewelry


Hi Fred, I am looking to purchase alight color sapphire for my girlfriend as an engagement ring, not sure if yellow, pink or papadarscha (however u spell it) is the way to go yet.

my question is finding a reputable jeweler in NY. Diamond district seems shady.

What do u think of

I was given the name Frank Pollack and sons in NYC it is said to have been in business over 100 years. I received that recommendation from Robert Hensley of

Please help I am so confused, gemstones seem a lot harder to purchase than diamonds due to lack of universal purchasing parameters, like a diamond and the four c's.

I dont mind paying for quality, just wan to be sure I am not being ripped off.

Thanks for anything you can advise.



I know who is the #1 sapphire company in the world but can’t publish their name in an open forum. Give me a call and I’ll hook you guys up. 🙂 Have a great day! Fred