My diamond shattered!


So my fiancee purchased my ring from Avery reputable jeweler in the Boston Area. It was an estate piece I had been looking at for years. A bezel cut diamond, with princess and round cut diamonds on the band, a very unique piece. I was a little concerned when they sent him home with only a receipt, no detailed sales slip, or any type of certificate or diagram for the my diamond. I called the store and they sent me an insurance appraisal a week later that mentioned nothing about the center stone so I called back n requested another appraisal. I was researching jewelry insurance but 3 days after receiving the appropriate appraisal I was at work and I looked at my diamond and my center stone was shattered. Only 16 days after wearing my ring. I called the store and left work immediately so my jeweler can take a look at it, the store manager says there is absolutely no way they are going to absorb the cost to replace my diamond. I have never seen anything like this before the entire diamond is concave I must have lost 1/2 a carat. This doesn't seem fair to me. I'm not a boxer or anything I'm a makeup artist! How could my diamond have just shattered and why isnt the store willing to take responsibility?


Hi Ashley,
This is happening more and more with heat treated (baked) diamonds. I’m so sorry. Unless a diamond is fully bonded there is no way to totally be sure of what the heck you are getting. How much did your boyfriend pay? Would you like me to talk to the jeweler for you? -Fred