lost love


My ex girl friend and i were together for 4 1/2 years and i love her very much i would have loved to work things out but she says she can not depend on me because when we were living together i borrowed money from her and did not pay her back. I explained to her that i could not at the time because my son was sick with epilepsy and is autistic. I have a very good job and i asked her to stand by me while i was going through this hard time and she would get her money back and more..when we were together she treated my kids bad she used to tape record there phone messages then get made at them for what she heard and take things away from them. We were not good for each other but i can’t stop thinking about her i miss her.. What do i do? She is now seeing someone else and tells me that i still don’t know what she wanted in a relationship. How do guys find that out? i think she wanted me to spend more money on her but i just did not have it. If i had it i would have done anything for her but i took care of the number one thing in my responsibilities with my son. Can i ever straiten this relationship out? Should i try?


You may never be able to work things out. It doesn’t sound like you’re dealing with a kind individual. There is no reason to treat children badly. What reason in the world was there to record their phone conversations?! I’ve seen more adult 12 year olds. This is one to let go. Your children come first. You are a great Dad. The right woman will come into your life and she will appreciate that more than you know.

All the Best,