La Teace is HOT!!!


I have a unique question to ask you, how do I know if am gay. I constantly catch myself check out other males. I feel a sort of an attraction to them but I have a girlfriend and do like woman too sometimes. what should I do?!!!


Hi Basil,

LaTeace is Hott!!! You may be the guy for me! Okay, let me not get distracted. Sexuality is complex. Only you can figure this out and it may take a long time. Don’t pressure yourself; you might have an attraction to certain guys because you like their style, personality or they’re just damn HOT! Who doesn’t appreciate beauty? It doesn’t mean you’re gay. Knowing if you’re gay will take experiencing an emotional love or intimate sexual connection with another male. You could try getting with another guy and absolutely hate it or you might feel that your life is now more complete. Bi-sexuality is also an option. You may totally be into both. Go to and take a look at his heterosexual-homosexual rating scale, it will give you a place to begin. Dr. Kinsey spent his life studying sexuality and created a scale showing us that when it comes to sexuality, it’s not just black & white. There are many shades of gray. The point is go out there and find yourself but be careful. Experimentation can come with cost both emotionally and physically. Always practice safe sex and don’t ever put yourself in any danger.