Is the price right?


Recently, i’ve been shopping around for an engagement ring and my friend told me that his uncle sells diamonds. He showed me a 1.0ct round brilliant, VS1, D color diamond with an EGL-USA certificate. It’s got all the inclusions plotted out on the certificate and all the proportions and measurements. He offered to sell it for $6,700 and that will include the ring (18K white gold). Does this price sound fair or am i paying too much. Also, what kind of return can i expect to get if i ever needed to sell the ring? Finally, will it be necessary to request a GIA certificate if it already has the EGL-USA certificate?

Thank you,


Hi Al,

If I really had a VS1 D diamond I would never get an EGL report. If I was going to get a report I would insist on a F.B.A. and at the worst a a GIA. (GIA is still a dog with fleas but it’s better than just a flea) Without knowing the proportions I wouldn’t buy the rock.