Is custom Gassan 121 cut worth the Xtra $$


Hi venerable Diamond Guy,

I foraged through your FAQ and couldn't find what I wanted to ask. So mea culpa if this has been answered before. But I wanted to get your opinion about Gassan patented 121 cut I saw in Amsterdam last week. These cuts command a higher price (no matter their grade) compared to traditional cuts. I was really tempted seeing as Amsterdam has a world-famous reputation as the City of Diamonds, but are they worth it? Is this a good investment that will rise in value in the future because of its patented status? Thank you Mr. Fred. Yours sincerely, Stephen.


Hi Stephen,

I prefer the traditional 57-58 facet round over any other non-traditional round shape. Long term value is affected largely by demand. Traditional rounds have always proven themselves through the test of time. Demand for them have remained high and will still remain high. Here’s an article I’ve written regarding these types of non-traditional cuts: /wp/the-truth-behind-bling-science-or-gimmick/. Have a great day!