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i am an 18 year old male and have been with my girlfriend for a little over 10 months happily. She has told me that she wants to have sex with me and i feel the same toward her. I am quite nervous as how to set the mood when im with her. What kinds of things should i do with/to her before and after sex? Also, which do girls prefer, g-spot orgasms or clitoral? Finally, since we have been dating, i have always had a slight feeling of jealousy toward her friendships with other guys. I have made her aware of this. I trust her, but find it hard to. She is very beautiful so that adds to my suspision of her possibly cheating. By the way, where is the g-spot located? And can u give me a brief list of the steps i should take in fingering her too?


Hi John,

Sorry about the delayed responce but it has been a crazy month. If you have not yet had your first sexual incounter with your girlfriend then e-mail me back and I will be more than happy to answer your questions if they have not yet been answered. I will say this though…as far as your girlfriend having tons of guy friends I think that is great. I had only guy friends in middle school and high school while having a boyfriend and I never cheated on him. Just because she is beautiful does not mean that she is a slut and will start messing around with her friends. Friends are friends. I think that if you want the happiest girlfriend then you will not give her trouble about having guy friends, if she starts feeling guilty about just talking to her friends then she might just ditch you. Thats what I should have done when I was 18 but instead I stoped talking to all the guys that had been dear close friends of mine for years just to make my current boyfriend happy, then when we broke up I had NO friends. If you really care about her and love her you will not make her choose or make her feel guilty.

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