Why do women lead a man on to think he is her soulmate, the best guy she has ever known, etc. and make him believe he is the one and act like she is having the time of her life when she is with him and then all of a sudden tell him she feels overwhelmed, needs to take things slow, and just wants to date when it is convenient for her? When the guy felt totally rejected, foolish, and betrayed by her behavior, he explained that he was angry and felt that she tricked him into thinking they were going to have this great relationship and he did not want to date her at her convenience. He is totally devastated by this and has not even received any response. What kind of a woman is this?


My first thought is – have you been overcrowding her. Women love attention but not suffocation. Just the same as men. It’s also possible that she’s fickle. Likes what’s there in the moment. Enjoys the newness of a relationship and then when it’s over, so is the relationship. Only she can answer that for you. If she doesn’t just move on and let go. Let your heart heal.