Diamonds from Sooqs in Doha Qatar – Certs of Auth from Gemolog Inst


Similar question to the Army-Afghanistan question. I'm deployed – Doha Qatar. Looking to replace my diamonds in my engage ring. Sooq's is the place to go here. The diamond district appears extremely legit here..certificate of auth from Gemological Inst…how do i REALLY know if legit and are they desert diamonds? What is the difference? These are very expensive diamonds here…and want to know b4 i purchase. They are so bright and sparkly, total contrary to my current ones from the U.S. I appreciate your help. Elaina


Hi Elaina,

When buying a diamond, make sure you get a bonded diamond with a F.B.A (fully bonded appraisal). To the best of my knowledge, there’s isn’t a bonded jeweler there. Lab grading reports are not reliable source of information. You may risk the stone not being authentic or treated. I would recommend buying in the States.