CZ Eternity Band Ring


cz eternity band
Created: 5/15/2004 Updated: 5/17/2004
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Q Dear Fred, I was hoping to get your opinion. I am looking at some cz eternity bands and have narrowed it down to diamond essence, ziamond, and jeweler’s direct. Do you think one is better than the other? I’m looking at 14k gold, 4 prong style(not channel), and total weight of 2 carats. please help if you can. thanks, nancy


A Hi Nancy, My recommendations are for either Ziamond or Jeweler’s Direct. The Diamond Guy Helper

Hi Diamond Guy ,

We carry a great item in 14kt , eternity band , heavy setting Item # 5269 3.60 carats and item # 5267 1.60 Carats , Just a FYI



Hi Body Jewels,

When asked, I recommend Ziamond, Jewelers Direct and Body Jewels. In this instance, she had already narrowed down to three choices. Out of those three, I recommend Ziamond and Jewelers Direct, no intentional snub here.

The Diamond Guy Helper