Buying a ring from need your help


Hi Fred,

While doing some web-search on the diamond rings I came across,your suggestions,so I wanted to ask a few details about my purchasing.

I have seen on the costco site that says the following specs

total Diamond weight:0.50 ctw
Clarity : VS2
Could you please elaborate to me wht would be the total price in $$ for this jewellery.
Here is the price quoted by costco 1199.99.And also could you tell me what would be the resale value?I'm a customer who want to buy a good diamond ring for my wife,so please do not consider this as a spam


Hi Sastry KVS,

The weight indicated total weight. What are the individual weights for each diamond? What are the vitals (proportions) of the center stone? Fluorescence? Once I have these missing information, I’ll be able to shine some light into this subject. Have a great day!