Broken Up


Dear LaTeace,
I have recently broken up with my Dominican boyfriend ( I moved to DR to be with him)of one year and a half. With a somewhat heavy heart ( it was my idea to call it quits) I bought my ticket yesterday to come back to the US. My plans were made to visit with my family and friends and then move back to NYC and continue with my previous job in April. After some suspicion last night I took a preganacy test today and it come out positive. I want to go back to the US as scheduled and am not sure if I should just leave without telling him or not. What do you think? I KNOW I definitely want to have this baby, but he cannot come to the US unless I marry him, which I am not willing to do. Whatever financial support he has to offer this child would not be very signifigant as he is somewhat poor.
ANY ADVICE would be helpful. I am completely broken up about telling him or not, as I DO NOT want to get back together with him. Thank you in advance for any help you may offer.
Broken Up in DR


Hi Andrea,

You can’t keep it from the man that you’re carrying his child. It is unfair to him and the child. My only concern is when you tell him. It would be great if you can tell him before you left but I am concerned about your safety and ability to get home. I know you didn’t mention anything about feeling threatened in any way by him but you never know how someone will react with the loss of you and his child. It might be safer to wait until you get back to the U.S.