Black diamond


I am currently deployed. I bought a 2ct black diamond last time I was here for around 400 it was real. Well this time around I am getting a ring. 14kt rose gold with a 3.5ct black diamond and has a total of 1ct regular diamonds. A couple of questions on the said ring without any pictures or specifics on the cut. First, is there a such thing as 14ct rose gold? With everything I have mentioned about the ring how much would you say it’s worth? The guys stuff is appraising higher then what he is selling it for. He wants 1400 for this ring and promises that it will appraise for minimum of 5k in the states. I trust the guy but don’t want to lose my money.


Hi Donnie,

1. 14kt rose gold does exist.
2. There isn’t enough information regarding this ring in order for me to determine worth (i.e. quality of diamonds, number of diamonds, weights of white diamonds, etc). $1400 doesn’t seem high on the surface. However, please keep in mind that I making this assessment with very little information.