asking about diamonds from afghanistan


my name is Brian. im in the army, and currently deployed to afghanistan. where i am here, there are a few guys around here, that set up "show tables" and have all kinds of rubys, topaz, saphire, DIAMONDS, and a few others i dont know off the top of my head. anyway, im looking into buying some diamonds, (unless u give me another good idea) because i have been researching what they could be worth if i bring them home, and i'd really be makin out on some nice extra cash from this if it worked out. i was just wondering if there is any pointers you culd give me? as far as chooseing thru what he has.. and what i'd probably make out good with for sending home. not only diamonds, but the others too. any information you can give me, would be greatly appreciated. so i hope i hear from you. thank you sir. and again


Hi Brian,

These aren’t “Desert Diamonds” are they?