2nd Wedding, What To Do?


So I just purchased a diamond ring through DCI thanks to your husband and all of his great info in his book. Here is my question. My first marriage all my family showed (I have a small family) but this time around, I don’t think anyone is gonna be able to make it. What should I do if my bride to be gets upset about this? This may or may not hurt or offend her, and I’m not sure how to respond when she asks. My wedding will likely be in Hawaii which is where I live and some of my family will be on vacation or can’t afford to come during the summer which is when the wedding likely will take place. Thank you for your time. Aloha, Jason


I would go in honestly with your wife to be right from the beginning. Let her know that your family really can’t afford to come. Make it special anyway. Make plans for the best intimate and romantic wedding out there.