I bought this ring and was curious about the letters on the inside of the ring.

Mystery stone

I have a clear stone i found while swimming in the ocean. I would like to send pics to see what you think.

Upgrade stone or halo

Hi Fred,

I currently have a .92 princess cut ering and I’m thinking of either upgrading up to 1.4 or halo. Your thoughts? Is a double halo too much?

Moissanite vs Russian Diamonds

Hi there! Which do you think is the better alternative for diamonds – moissanite or russian diamonds (which i believe is also know as cubic zirconia)?


Letter and numbers stamped in my ring.

Hi, I recently inherited a white gold (18k) diamond ring,
There’s a D368 stamped on it aside from the 18K 750 stamped in the ring, I just want to understand what this means because im taking it to a jewelry store to have it fixed 1 stone is missing when I received the ring so I thought I should ask around first before I go in person, at least I have a little bit of information aside from the 18k that is obvious marked in the ring. I could attached pictures but don’t know how to do that, any help/advice from you is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.


I have a Diamond ring that is stamped with E14kp on it is it real it also says LOVE STORY

Black diamond

I am currently deployed. I bought a 2ct black diamond last time I was here for around 400 it was real. Well this time around I am getting a ring. 14kt rose gold with a 3.5ct black diamond and has a total of 1ct regular diamonds. A couple of questions on the said ring without any pictures or specifics on the cut. First, is there a such thing as 14ct rose gold? With everything I have mentioned about the ring how much would you say it’s worth? The guys stuff is appraising higher then what he is selling it for. He wants 1400 for this ring and promises that it will appraise for minimum of 5k in the states. I trust the guy but don’t want to lose my money.



Diamond ring setting

The stamp inside my ring say 14K GY. I have searched everywhere that i can think of to find out what the GY means. Is there any you might know about this mark?

Thank you,


vintage metal ring with genuine diamonds tested not gold not platinum.

White metal ring when tested was not gold or platinum but has 68 (1 missing) genuine 1.5 mm diamonds. There is a 925 inside the ring and a heart with the numbers 1 and 0 inside it. It appears to me to be art deco. I had never heard of genuine diamonds being set in silver until recently but the settings we’re not vintage, they were modern. Could it be palladium?.

Is the diamond real

I’ve been wondering for years if there is a way to tell if a diamond is real with out having to take it to a jeweler or getting a density test ran on it.

I need to decide between these 2 rings

Hello, how are you? I know absolutely 0 about diamonds. I have a choice between these two for an engagement ring. Regardless of the price, which should i choose? Naked eye difference, how much is it?

I really appreciate your help. Thank you!

SHAPE: Round
CUT: Excellent
POLISH: Excellent
SYMMETRY: Excellent
L/W/D (MM): 7.05*7.02*4.34
L/W RATIO: 1.00
DEPTH %: 61.70
GIRDLE: Medium
TABLE %: 57.00
CROWN ∠: 36.00
CROWN %: 15.50
PAVILION ∠: 40.60
PAVILION %: 42.50
SHAPE: Round
CUT: Excellent
POLISH: Excellent
SYMMETRY: Excellent
L/W/D (MM): 6.99*6.97*4.31
L/W RATIO: 1.00
DEPTH %: 61.80
GIRDLE: Medium – Slightly Thick
TABLE %: 57.00
CROWN ∠: 35.50
CROWN %: 15.00
PAVILION ∠: 40.60
PAVILION %: 42.50

Price of a ring

I have an 18k GERSO dalphine ring w/diamond.what I want to know is what does GESSO MEAN?

What does engraving mean

I have an antique white gold and diamond Eastern Star ring that I inherited. On the the inside is an engraving that says this: H5PAL95. Do you know what that might mean? I make the 5th generation it was passed to.

About my rings

I have 3 gold rings stamped 14k DQ cz, are they worth anything?

engagement ring

HI very confused as i have done extended research on diamonds looking for 1.5 to 1.8 know there is cut, color and clarity

when it comes to clarity there is only a a certain stage when the eye can no longer see imperfections i guess but i want it to shine and dance and be beautiful obviously .

Please — Need advice re: loose round center stone

Must work through local dealer because of in store credit due to setting that was replicated instead of ordered – 7 months later have to settle for different setting so getting larger center stone. Saw nice hearts & arrows through hearts and arrows scope last week but have done extensive research since then. Was willing to sacrifice color for cut (main priority) and size. GIA report looks good but I’m worried about the dimensions. They say they’re giving us a discount for our troubles so it would be $3566 instead of $4120 but that still seems high when comparing to similar stones on James Allen website (https://www.jamesallen.com/ese/?q=0.9%20VS1%20K%20round%20excellent).

Here’s the GIA cert for the stone: https://www.gia.edu/report-check?reportno=6177523514
And Holloway Cut Advise report: http://www.diamond-cut.com.au/holloway_cut_adviser.htm (says light return, fire & scintillation are only good and spread is very good with total visual performance of 4.6 which seems really high for an “excellent” cut).

Any advice would be so very, very much appreciated.

Thank you!

Advice would be

explanation of jeweler’s letters and numbers

I recently bought a pair of diamond earrings and just wanted them so I didn’t look around and try to get the best deal and quality.
Now I’m wondering what the stuff means on my invoice. Could you explain to me what this means, please:
Can you give me an idea of what the value might be? Why isn’t the weight in carats written? Or is it, in some kind of jeweler’s shorthand??
Thank you very much
Judy Irigoin


My ring has an emerald and rhinestone top with 14KT GE and arrow shape email me for pictures please