Diamond quality and value

Dear Sir,

I recently started looking for an engagement ring and have come across a number of diamonds, one that stood out was a diamond with the following details;

Shape – BR
Cut – Excellent
Clarity – VVS2
Color – G
Symmetry – Excellent
Girdle – Thin-Thin
Fluorescence – Medium
Carat – 1.04

The price of this is $11,160 ex. taxes.

Is this a quality diamond within the price?


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Diamond Ring

I have a nice diamond ring that has nothing engraved on it but only the initials RSC. So can you tell me is the ring real?

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I need to know If these holes under these diamonds mean the diamond real

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I was wondering, what does the numbers mean on diamond rings such as H-I, J-K, I-J etc: and the numbers like 11-12 or 12-14 clarity all mean. Thanks

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expected resale value of a loose Leo Diamond

I am interested in an expected resale value of a loose diamond. It is a Leo Diamond and it does have an I.G.I. Cert. Of Authenticity. The following is a list of the details of that C.O.A. :Shape/Cut. LEO/Round Billiant
Measurement: 4.85-4.93 x 3.06 MM.
Weight: 0.46 CT(S)
Color: Near Colorless(H)
Clarity: S1(2)
Polish/Symmetry: GOOD/GOOD
Treatment: None
White Light Brilliance: High
Color Light fire: Very High
Scintillation: Very High
Thank You….Darla Gates

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Engagement ring

I got an engagement ring from a reputable jeweler. I was told it was real but the more research I do the more I am certain it is not a real diamond. The reason I think it is fake is because the edges aren’t crisp. They are foggy and rough. It is mounted so I can’t see through the bottom but I can see through the side. Is it possible for it to be real?

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hello my dream to become diamond cutters in my life .i will do anything to become diamond cutters

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Lannyte Diamond – Another Question

I appreciate you have already answered a question on the Lannyte Diamond. However I have read on a number of Gemology forums that their diamond simulant is considered to be an expensive type of CZ. Their website however states:

“Lannyte vs. CZ : CZ’s are much softer than Lannyte Diamonds and scratch and chip easily. The chemical composition of a CZ becomes milky and cloudy in a short period of time. In an attempt to imitate a diamond or Lannyte Diamond, CZ’s are usually faceted, however, due to the way cz are manufactured and cut, they are very inexpensive and short lived stones.”

I cannot find any information on the Mohs hardness of a Lannyte diamond and I would like to purchase one but do not want to be paying over the odds for a type of CZ.

Thank you


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My stone

I have a flawless stone that passes all the tests of a genuine diamond. I went to a jeweler that told me it wasn’t, he then used a mineral tat looked like a black diamond chip and put a scratch, by filing back and forth, handed it back said it was fake, it passed the torch and water test. I even placed it in a cloth an then placed it on my car hitting it with a hammer. The stone did not chip, scratch, or break, but however it did indent the steel frame of the car (my wife is not happy). I received the stone from a family member that passed away, I have been told it’s not anything listed, and it is not likely I have a fake stone, they just don’t know what it is. I’m ok if it’s not a diamond but it doesn’t add up that no one can label this stone (cut into round brilliance) 2 carat.

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Diamond Cost – Geography/Currency


First and foremost I must thank you for your amazing book ‘How to Buy a Diamond’. I read a lot of books but this has been amazing.

I am a commercial property surveyor/valuer/Investment Agent by trade so to understand the value of diamonds and the industry was a must for me before walking into a jewellers and making such an important purchase.

My fiancé is from Colombia and my ethnic background is from Greece – both cultures are under the firm believe that Jewellery is cheaper in their respective countries. How can this really be as I do not think this is really possible? If this is really the case then the exchange rate will also play a big role here?

Also – I live in London – I have your latest edition of the book – how can I accurately use your guide prices?

Is this simply a matter of converting it into British Pounds at the current exchange rate?

Also is there a British equivalent institution of Rappaport?

I look forward to hearing from you.


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How can I tell if my stones are real and I have a big blue colored stone I’d like to know a little about. Its close to a deep royal blue

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Tried to sell diamond

I have an old diamond I want to sell, was appraised in 1983 for $34,000. 3.5 cts,solitaire in 14 ct white gold setting, old mine cut,guage cut32.5×19, vvs2. recently tried to sell and was told theres a chip and was only offered $4600. Does this sound plausable to you? I didnt sell!!

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My diamond was stolen. I am back in the shopping business and extremely hurt and frustrated.

I’m trying to get the best deal because my diamond meant the world to me. It was a E color, VVS1 clarity, 1.02 CTW diamond with side stones .39 total weight (G, SI1) no fluorescence, excellent cut. We paid $7,100. It was white gold, but the prong became loose after 2 years. I just want to replace the diamond and get a better deal than we did in 2011. Please help me decide the best deal.

I’m currently looking at a D color, sI1 clarity, 1.05 ctw single diamond. It is priced at $8,551. That’s way too high, isn’t it?

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is it real

I recently Googled ways to tell if diamonds are real. Finding the heat test, i held my diamond ring to flame for 20 sec then dropped it in cold water. It cracked from the inside on one side. Is this a fake ring or did i just ruin my diamond??

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Diamond Quality

Hi Diamond Guy,

I am currently looking to buy a diamond and have been directed by a diamond seller to a 1.80 carat round brilliant diamond that is F colour, Si2 clarity (although I’m told 100% eye clean with only white inclusions that are feathers and twining whisps), GIA cut / polish / symmetry – all excellent. Measurements 7.86-7.87 x 4.73mm. Table 59%, depth 60.1%. Crown angle 34.0 degrees and pavilion 40.6 degrees. Girdle is medium to slightly thick and faceted. Whilst the diamond seller guarantees me the diamond is 100% eye clean and is very brilliant with good light return and fire, I am concerned that what I have been reading about table and depth proportions suggests that the diamond is shallow and will likely lose some of its refracted light making it a duller stone. I am happy to sacrifice carat/size for a better quality diamond, however, the diamond seller believes that this stone is still an excellent option. Given the above details is it likely to be a good quality stone with great performance? Or should I be looking for a stone with more ‘ideal’ cut proportions and clarity.

Thank you for you opinion,


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Selling my diamond rings

I would like to know where is the safest on line diamond dealers for me to sell my rings. I have had them appraised and now I want to sell them for the value they are worth. I live in a small town in Ohio. Please direct me to a secure buyer for my rings.
Thank You!

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I want to know if this diamond is ok for value

It’s HRD diamond. Because i live in Belgium.
diamond spec: 1 carat I color si2 3400$
table :60
depth 60.8
girdle : medium 3.5% faceted
crown angle : 35.6 (14.5%)
pavilion angle:40.8(43%)
Length halves crown 45%
Length Halves pavilion 80%


It’s HRD diamond.
diamond spec: 1.03 carat I color si2
table :60
depth 59.6
girdle : medium 3.5%
crown angle : 32.6 (13%)
pavilion angle:41(43.5%)
Length halves crown 55%
Length Halves pavilion 70%

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Is it all fake?

Hello I have a beautiful ring here disappointed to find out 14kt hge means it’s gold plated 🙁 but the diamond just looks so real and also engraved is like a Dimond then almost like a v over it kinda symbol. I’m just wondering if it’s all fake or if by any chance the diamond might be real? Thanks

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Emerald cut diamond question

The stone in question is a 1.3 carat Emerald cut diamond. It appears to have pin inclusions on one side which do not show face up (that I can tell from pics). I wish I could include pics here to show you! Anyway, it is loose now and displays a faint yellow at certain angles and lighting, sometimes you can’t see it at all. My question is once it is mounted will the yellow show more or less in a white gold setting?
Assuming it’s, worse case scenario, k color i1 clarity Emerald cut, is $800 a good price? Really is it a stone worthy of investing and mounting?
Thank you so much!!

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88-cut vs. 58-cut diamond solitaire

Greetings Diamond Guy,
I’m U.S. military. While in military exchange yesterday compared a 1.66 carat, 88-cut, VVS1/VVS2 solitaire engagement ring to a 1.5C, round brilliant cut (58-cut), Flawless/VVS1 solitaire engagement ring. The reflective nature of the 88-cut certainly appeared to yield much more brilliance and reflectivity with very little movement compared to the 58-cut. Your opinion of the pros/cons/considerations of 88-cut vs. 58-cut please. Thanks in advance!

Oh, and in this instance the 88-cut is mounted in a platinum setting; the 58-cut in 14K white gold identical solitaire settings. Very little price difference between the two!

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