Is the diamond real

I’ve been wondering for years if there is a way to tell if a diamond is real with out having to take it to a jeweler or getting a density test ran on it.

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I need to decide between these 2 rings

Hello, how are you? I know absolutely 0 about diamonds. I have a choice between these two for an engagement ring. Regardless of the price, which should i choose? Naked eye difference, how much is it?

I really appreciate your help. Thank you!

SHAPE: Round
CUT: Excellent
POLISH: Excellent
SYMMETRY: Excellent
L/W/D (MM): 7.05*7.02*4.34
L/W RATIO: 1.00
DEPTH %: 61.70
GIRDLE: Medium
TABLE %: 57.00
CROWN ∠: 36.00
CROWN %: 15.50
PAVILION ∠: 40.60
PAVILION %: 42.50
SHAPE: Round
CUT: Excellent
POLISH: Excellent
SYMMETRY: Excellent
L/W/D (MM): 6.99*6.97*4.31
L/W RATIO: 1.00
DEPTH %: 61.80
GIRDLE: Medium – Slightly Thick
TABLE %: 57.00
CROWN ∠: 35.50
CROWN %: 15.00
PAVILION ∠: 40.60
PAVILION %: 42.50

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engagement ring

HI very confused as i have done extended research on diamonds looking for 1.5 to 1.8 know there is cut, color and clarity

when it comes to clarity there is only a a certain stage when the eye can no longer see imperfections i guess but i want it to shine and dance and be beautiful obviously .

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Please — Need advice re: loose round center stone

Must work through local dealer because of in store credit due to setting that was replicated instead of ordered – 7 months later have to settle for different setting so getting larger center stone. Saw nice hearts & arrows through hearts and arrows scope last week but have done extensive research since then. Was willing to sacrifice color for cut (main priority) and size. GIA report looks good but I’m worried about the dimensions. They say they’re giving us a discount for our troubles so it would be $3566 instead of $4120 but that still seems high when comparing to similar stones on James Allen website (

Here’s the GIA cert for the stone:
And Holloway Cut Advise report: (says light return, fire & scintillation are only good and spread is very good with total visual performance of 4.6 which seems really high for an “excellent” cut).

Any advice would be so very, very much appreciated.

Thank you!

Advice would be

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explanation of jeweler’s letters and numbers

I recently bought a pair of diamond earrings and just wanted them so I didn’t look around and try to get the best deal and quality.
Now I’m wondering what the stuff means on my invoice. Could you explain to me what this means, please:
Can you give me an idea of what the value might be? Why isn’t the weight in carats written? Or is it, in some kind of jeweler’s shorthand??
Thank you very much
Judy Irigoin

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Diamond for a new ring

My boyfriend purchased a wedding ring fromJareds he wanted a purple diamond but they didn’t get it right so now I have a ring with. No diamond in the middle

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Oval GIA report


I have recently started to look for an engagement ring, and have read Fred Cuellar’s book, “How to buy a Diamond”. I have found it very helpful in looking for a diamond and for a store. My search has lead me to two different shapes one being round, the other an oval cut.

I have been to a few jewelry place in Des Moines, Iowa, and the round cuts have had all the information given on the GIA report. My question is about Oval GIA reports. Some of the jewelers give a GIA report for the oval cut but it doesn’t have all the requirements ask for to complete the Proportion questionnaire Sheet (P.Q.S).

When I asked what the pavilion angle on the oval diamond was, I was told it changes from side to side on the diamond so the GIA report does not list it.

Is this true?
Do oval cuts not give the pavilion angle on GIA reports, if the angle is not listed should I look at the Length to Width ratio to ensure the diamond is proportional correct?

Thank you for your help,
Lucas Bauer

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diamonds for earrings

i’m interested in cushion cut stones for stud earrings. i am aware of the 4 c’s. what do you recommed for color and grade for earrings? i’ve been told it’s not worth investing in high grade stones for earrings.

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Leo diamond

I need to sell my Leo princess cut diamond , 4.91x 4.86 x 3.82, 0.80 ct, near colorless, vs1. How much would this be worth?

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Diamond/ moissanite testers

Hi I have a diamond and moissanite tester I have a collection of moissanite and natural diamonds. I have a small problem as two of the moissanties repeatedly test as diamonds while the other moissanites test as moissanite and the certified diamond as diamonds.I have done the testing using the certified diamonds and identified moissanites as controls at least 10 times with the same result.What I doing wrong how reliable is the tester it is so messing with my head.

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Diamond quality and value

Dear Sir,

I recently started looking for an engagement ring and have come across a number of diamonds, one that stood out was a diamond with the following details;

Shape – BR
Cut – Excellent
Clarity – VVS2
Color – G
Symmetry – Excellent
Girdle – Thin-Thin
Fluorescence – Medium
Carat – 1.04

The price of this is $11,160 ex. taxes.

Is this a quality diamond within the price?


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Diamond Ring

I have a nice diamond ring that has nothing engraved on it but only the initials RSC. So can you tell me is the ring real?

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I need to know If these holes under these diamonds mean the diamond real

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I was wondering, what does the numbers mean on diamond rings such as H-I, J-K, I-J etc: and the numbers like 11-12 or 12-14 clarity all mean. Thanks

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expected resale value of a loose Leo Diamond

I am interested in an expected resale value of a loose diamond. It is a Leo Diamond and it does have an I.G.I. Cert. Of Authenticity. The following is a list of the details of that C.O.A. :Shape/Cut. LEO/Round Billiant
Measurement: 4.85-4.93 x 3.06 MM.
Weight: 0.46 CT(S)
Color: Near Colorless(H)
Clarity: S1(2)
Polish/Symmetry: GOOD/GOOD
Treatment: None
White Light Brilliance: High
Color Light fire: Very High
Scintillation: Very High
Thank You….Darla Gates

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Engagement ring

I got an engagement ring from a reputable jeweler. I was told it was real but the more research I do the more I am certain it is not a real diamond. The reason I think it is fake is because the edges aren’t crisp. They are foggy and rough. It is mounted so I can’t see through the bottom but I can see through the side. Is it possible for it to be real?

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hello my dream to become diamond cutters in my life .i will do anything to become diamond cutters

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