CZ set in real diamond setting

I have found a diamond semi mount. It is 1.15 carats and the color of the stones are H and Clarity SI. How will a FOR NOW CZ (1.5 carats) from Body Jewels look with the stones in the setting? I am concerned that the lesser color and clarity in the semi mount will make the center stone look fake. Your help is greatly appreciated and your comments have been extremely helpful!!

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Re-do engagement ring

My finance proposed & gave me a beautiful engagement ring. After the announcement of our engagement, his mother gave us her wedding band. Unfortunatly the wedding band and my engagement ring do not fit together and have 2 TOTALLY different settings. Could i have my engagement ring setting be re-shaped to match my mother in law's wedding band? Thank you! Emily

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Re sizing my ring into smaller size

My diamond ring size when we bought is seven and my finger size is only 4.75.
It is also a platinum.How do they do it? Do you think that when they re sizing the ring into a smaller size, are they going to give the excess of it or what do they do? Do you think that it will be visible the resizing?


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Center stone keeps coming loose and side stones aren't set the same on a Kay Jewlers Engagement ring

Hello Diamond Guy,

I'm beginning to grow really concerned, my fiance purchased my engagement ring on 2/4/2010 and I got it on the 14th, its a 14ct white gold 1 1/2ct(total weight)it has 3 stones…now bare with me because I'm not the expert you are, it's round cut and the primary diamond color is HI, clarity is I1-I2 the primary diamond weight is 5/8ct, the side stone cuts are 8 round,their min color is HI, and clarity is I1-I2,ok now on to my issue… I had to immediately get it sized, then shortly after it had to be sized again, I brought it in to be checked because the center stone WAS loose… I was told it wasn't well by 9/1/2010 it was loose enough that you couldn't deny it so it got sent out,I asked why it would be loose and was told I must have hit it on something, fine, it came back,I noticed my side stones are not set the same.. shouldn't they be?? or is it normal that one side is clearly set higher than the other??… also my stone was already very loose AGAIN in October 2010… I haven't brought it in yet because I had family I was seeing over the holidays that haven't even seen it yet… should my center stone be coming loose?? and so soon after it was tightened?? I thank you in advance for your help, I may even take it in to a local jeweler to have them take a look and get their opinion also, I can't wait to hear back from you, again thank you sooo much!! Sincerely, Erica Hubert

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For and Eternity…

I am in the market for an eternity ring. I cannot afford to buy it as a diamond band yet… I want one where the TDW is about 5 Carats. I have tried the one I want and it has stones that are 4.5mm, in a basic 4 prong setting.

I want to wear it everyday.
My question is, as an alternative – considering this is an eternity ring, would it be better to go with the Moissanite equivalent, or the Ziamond CZ. It is my understanding that CZs are softer than moissanite..? please help. (I like your website very much by the way.) thanks

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adding to existing ring

I have inherited my aunt's engagement ring, however my fiance and I would like there to be more to it. The ring is currently a simple solitaire of great quality, but less than a carat and a half. Is there a way to make a large difference to the ring, without dramatically changing the character of the ring?

Thank you!

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Passionstone Diamond

i have a passionstone diamond .73ct D in color and VS1-SI1 clarity, ideal cut. what type of setting would best enhance the beauty of this stone?

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Diamond Ring By Izzy

In the 2002 December issue there is a full page ad for Rocks fine jewelry.It features a princess cut diamond ring by izzy.The new harmony collection.
I have tried to find this ring and have had no success.Do you think you could some information on this ring for me?
Thank you,
Martha Phillips

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resetting of wedding ring

Hi…I have my original wedding set that I would like to have reset in the same setting but only in white gold, as well as have the center stone increased in size. What do I need to do??


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Unusual wedding band

My fiance and I saw a ring that had an unusual setting. It was six round and square diamonds. It was lovely, what do I call it? It wasn't channel set.
Thank you,

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getting my diamonds set

I have inherited some beautiful diamonds from my mother, but I do not like the setting they are currently in. I was wondering if any jeweler would be able to reset them for me, or do only certain ones do that and if so how do you find them?

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Quality of Ziamond CZ's

I read an article you presented not long ago about cz's. I know that you were sent loose stones from Ziamond. Upon reading your article, I was very interested in purchasing a wedding set from Ziamond, however, I found a number of complaints on the internet about Ziamond's settings stating that once jewelry is received that stones a missing upon receipt or shortly thereafter. Did you have the opportunity to take a look some of their settings or just loose stones? I am now confused and feel like I'm back at square one.

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Embrace style ring

Good morning Fred,

I found the type of ring my girlfriend loves – I'd like to get around a 2 carat ring in the "embrace" setting from Tiffany & Co. However, it's about 10,000 over what I'd like to spend. Do you have any recommendations as to how to go about getting a similar setting with diamond custom made for a better price? Your advice is appreciated.

Mark Andersen

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cubic zirconia vs diamond

Hi-I am thinking of buying a cz sone instead of the real thing–cost! I have been on-line, looked at numerous sites. I have found the selection best at (jewers direct). Love selection and prices. Are they really reputable, and are the stones really as good as I have read? I'm interested in a 2 ct. round center with channel set princess cuts, set in 14k white gold with 14k yellow gold band for $335???
Band tapers from 4.25mm down to 3mm. Your advice is appreciated.

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Holes in Ring

Hi there. ive receontly had my marquise engagement ring set with 12 smaller stones around the edge of the big stone. Although underneath the gold plate, under each diamond is a small hole (12 in total). The jeweller said these holes need to be there to clean the diamonds properly. Is this true? As i really dont like the look of these holes and would like to fill them in. Your advice is much appreciated. Thanks, Roman

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Stampings on a ring

I have a three stone ring and there is 2 stampings in the inside
one says Magi Glo 14 kt. the other says PLAT. It looks like "white gold" but, it looks like over layed gold. The top near the stond head has a few Holes in the "gold", and the botton of the band the "white" part is wearing and a gold color is showing through. Is this real gold or a gold overlayed ring?

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I hope that you can give me some advice. I recently went to reset my engagment ring for my 5th anniversary and found out that when the ring was originally set, the stone was chipped along the side. The new jeweler did not want to take a chance on resetting it, fearing that the stone might crack when he tightened the prongs. The stone is a princess cut 1.27 GIA certificed F/VS2 stone so needless to say, I am very sad. I am not sure whether It can be reset, or if I need to find someone to recut the stone even if it loses some size. If I need to have it cut, I am not even sure where to go to find someone. I would love some trustworthy advice. Thank you so very much.

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desire for diamond

Fred, Thanks for the book you sent about a year ago. It is jammed full of great stuff. I am educating my oldest son so he'll be well informed when the time comes. I just read your article about the shape and your personality, divorce rate… Just a question, why didn't you mention asscher and what do you think about it? I love its history, and I have recently decided on getting one in my anniversary ring, I like that it will be unique. And as for the marquise being highest divorce rate. Hope we are proving that wrong. 20 years and more in love than ever. I married a great man that I am very thankful for. And as for why he picked the marquise I really dont know but at least in this case I dont think the profile fits me. I actually fit the round, but it is just a little too boring for me, not that its not beautiful. Just thought I would comment for the fun of it. Truth is I am very touched that he took the time, not once but twice to tell me how much I mean to him, and I wish that for every woman. In the end nothing but love, faithfulness, and your hard working commitment will be what makes a beautiful marriage, the ring is only a symbol of that. Without that, who even cares about the ring, right?
Sincerely, Amy

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meaning of engraving

I have a large diamond ring. I was told that it was old. It has tw in a circle engraved in the setting. What does that mean.

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buying on ebay

I am looking at a diamond ring on e-bay that has 9 marquis diamonds of J color and sI-1 clarity and the inside shank reads 14K fthv and va 1.04 it is advertised as 1.04 carat and this is a top rated seller for years on e-bay with all good feedback and I was wondering if indeed the carat weight was the inside # and if you knew what the fthv stands for

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Inherited diamond ring

I recently inherited a ring from my father before he passed away. Inside the ring are the following markings: MW#3X and then on the opposite side is 14KP and what looks like a wine glass sitting on its side…. something like this, only all stamped as one contining pattern with no spaces:

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PT vs White Gold

Hi Fred,

Basically, I am choosing a setting for my 1.12ct stone. I originally wanted the Tiffany 6 prong setting in pt950. However, the jeweler said that he doesn’t recommend platinum because it doesn’t hold the stone secure enough. In fact, he refuses to set the stone in platinum.

I wonder how much of that is true. In your experience, do you see stones fall off of platinum settings more than 18K settings?

Please let me know soon =) Thanks!

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Ready to buy!

Hi Fred.

I am finally ready to buy the Tacori setting for my girlfriend and a Bodyjewels For Now princess CZ center stone for it. My question is: Will the place I buy the setting from have any trouble setting the For Now stone in the platinum setting? Should I have them send them both to Tacori instead to set it?

Thanks for all your great advise!

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